Who’s Calling? Leave A Phone Message, Please!

phone messageWith the advent of all of the new technology pertaining to telephones, we take it for granted that everyone has caller id. If you place a call but don’t get an answer, well, no worries, because the person you called will still be aware that you tried to connect when you show up on their call log.

Right?  Not necessarily.

This may be true of cell phones, but unless the person you are calling has added you to their contact list by name, then only your telephone number will show up, and many people do not return phone calls to unknown numbers.

And what about those people who (gasp) aren’t conducting business by cell phone? Or don’t have caller id? Odd as it may seem, there are many people still out there who fit into this category, so while you may call multiple times, if you don’t leave an actual voice message, they will have no idea you are trying to reach them.

If you don’t leave a phone message, you don’t have the right to question why — or become irritated when — you don’t receive a return call.

It’s really that simple.

Remember …

When leaving a phone message, leave a “good” one!   State your name, your telephone number, including area code (making sure you speak slowly and clearly).   Briefly explain the reason you are calling, then again, repeat your name (first and last) and your 10 digit phone number.

A suggestion: try writing down your phone number as you say it. The point of leaving a “good” phone message is so that the receiver only needs to listen to it once to obtain all of the information.

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