The Job Hunt

Job HuntA while back I had a conversation with a friend about the responsibilities of her new position. She loved what she was doing, but did have some frustrations to share with me:   

 I am currently hiring for a job (5 positions) and I’m getting resumes and applications that A. Don’t read the description B. Can’t work full time (it’s a full time job) and my ULTIMATE favorite …..  “I can’t interview until after 5 pm.” WHAT?! Our company is only open 8:30 to 5, M-F. WHEN DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD INTERVIEW?!”

Are you — or is someone you know — looking for a job? Here are some tips to keep in mind through-out the process:

1. Read the posting through carefully and follow the directions. If it says “No telephone calls”, the company means, no calls!

2. Do you have the necessary skills required?


3. Is your availability in line with the job requirements? If necessary, are you willing to relocate? Are you applying for a full-time position but only want to work part-time?


4. Provide a professional looking resume — no handwriting, please. Is additional documentation requested, ie. a cover letter, proof of certification, etc.?


5. Are you available to interview during the company’s working hours? Do not expect them to change their schedule to meet your needs.  


6. Provide a contact number where you may be reached during business hours.


7. Yes, it is often a case of “who you know” that may get you the interview, but the rest is up to you; continued name dropping not only appears arrogant, it may also backfire on you.


8. Learn to listen. Intentionally focusing on what the other person is saying has a major impact on your work effectiveness and on the quality of your relationships with others. Your goal is to understand – not necessarily agree with — what is being said.

Remember …


Your approach to the job hunt plays an important role in whether or not you are invited for an interview.


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