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Courtesy. It’s a word that means a lot to me. It is about how we treat others, regardless of whether  they are strangers, friends or family. It is, or should be, a basic part of our daily lives. That’s why it’s referred to as “common courtesy”. When I entered the word “courtesy” into Google, the […]

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Upcoming Classes

Communication is people making a connection. It’s something we do every day. It’s knowing information was sent and received. Do you know what to do when someone doesn’t understand your message? We can’t not communicate. Would you like to increase the effectiveness of your communication as you learn how to develop positive relationships with others? […]

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How To Advocate For Effective Results

What Does It Take To Be An Advocate? When you provide the voice for someone, you are an advocate. Whether it is for a senior, a friend, a childor yourself, it may be a part of your personal or professional life on a daily basis. Advocating for the needs of another person can be an […]

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About Jodi

I believe that etiquette is about polishing your approach, not changing who you are. “Etiquette is not about being ‘stuffy’ and ‘proper’ – it is about presenting yourself to others in the best possible way, treating people with courtesy, respect and friendliness.” — When I was 12 years old,  I knew I wanted to work […]

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