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Leading Your Team To Customer Service Excellence:

Increase your Impact & Grow your Bottom Line In today’s global economy, companies who offer an outstanding customer experience all have three things in common: Inspired Leadership Strong Teams Effective Communication. It is a struggle to balance all three of these areas while keeping your business strong, inside and out. If you’ve ever had communication […]

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Email Etiquette Mastery:

Learn How to Avoid Irreversible Mistakes with your Customers, Improve your Productivity, and Maximize your Impact… through Email   Have you ever been confused, frustrated or irritated by an email conversation? Do wish you knew how to get people to respond to your emails faster, instead of wondering why you never hear back? Have you […]

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The 7 Steps To Dealing With Difficult People:

Working With Even the Most Challenging Customers Have you ever had a conversation with a customer or among your employees that went sour… and just kept getting worse? Have you ever worried about how your customer service challenges affect your company’s reputation? Do you wish you had the skills to respond to difficult situations and resolve […]

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Social Media Conversations

It seems no matter where you look on social media, you can find people having a conversation. Whether between real-time friends, on-line friends, strangers, acquaintances, or all of the above, there are discussions about technical matters, social concerns, political issues, health, religion, family, school or work, the past, present or future … and all provide […]

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No Excuse Customer Service

Today I stopped in at the phone store for help; my smart phone has been doing some dumb things lately. I was immediately greeted by a friendly, smiling young man who asked what he could do to help me. As I was explaining the problem, another young man – also behind the counter — walked […]

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9 Points Of Elevator Etiquette

When it comes to riding an elevator, do you have a pet peeve? I think the most common one used to be someone pushing extra buttons, either by mistake or mischief. Now, there are a number of possibilities, everything from people talking on cell phones to my personal favorite, not letting riders disembark before moving […]

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