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Don’t Put It On The Table!

Have you ever arrived at an event or restaurant, found your table and realized you were the first person there? Or perhaps you arrive at a meeting and find a mostly empty room, tables set and waiting? The one thing you don’t want to do is plop your belongings on the table – bags, purses, […]

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Holiday Table Tips

The holidays bring many opportunities to get together with friends, colleagues, and family to talk, celebrate, and of course, to eat. Here is a list of tips to help you navigate your way through a meal: 1. Take small bites, because as soon as you put something in your mouth, you will be asked a […]

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Holiday Food

Holidays + Food = Trouble?

With the holidays comes food. Navigating your way through the appealing, and sometimes, not-so-tempting, delicacies can be a minefield. 1.  Great-Aunt Ida brings her favorite lime jello marshmallow, banana and beet salad for dinner. You would prefer to have an “accident” in the kitchen but know she would be terribly hurt if it is not […]

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