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Here are Some Additional Topics: Training for that professional edge will provide you with the knowledge and prowess needed to project a confident, positive image, whether it is in a conference room, by telephone or email, at a networking event or on the machine shop floor. No matter where you go, you are always making an […]

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No Excuse Customer Service

Today I stopped in at the phone store for help; my smart phone has been doing some dumb things lately. I was immediately greeted by a friendly, smiling young man who asked what he could do to help me. As I was explaining the problem, another young man – also behind the counter — walked […]

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9 Points Of Elevator Etiquette

When it comes to riding an elevator, do you have a pet peeve? I think the most common one used to be someone pushing extra buttons, either by mistake or mischief. Now, there are a number of possibilities, everything from people talking on cell phones to my personal favorite, not letting riders disembark before moving […]

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