Show Yourself on Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn ProfileDo you have a photo on your LinkedIn profile page? My immediate tip to not take someone seriously on LinkedIn is the lack of a photo; most spam profiles don’t have one. Whenever I receive an invitation to connect, I click on the person’s profile page. Often times, the name is familiar but I can’t quite place it, and the photo is a great reminder of when and/or where I met the person.

A good head shot is best because viewers want to see you, and those photos of your entire body, or the ones with your beautiful child or lovable pet, prevent that.

LinkedIn claims that people are seven times more likely to click on your profile if you have a photo; that’s seven more opportunities you might miss out on. Networking is why we’re all there, so let’s be professional about it.

Want to take a look at my LinkedIn profile? Hop on over!

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