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Share Something GoodI am sure this comes as no surprise to you, but Thanksgiving is next week. I thought we had one more week to go, but I realized this past weekend how very wrong I was. Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, is also the first night of Hanukkah, and Christmas is just three and a half weeks after that. Stores have had holiday decor up since after Halloween (in some cases, before), and with time passing at warp speed, I know I’m feeling rather crowded. How about you?

I heard a discussion on the radio yesterday morning about a question/activity going around on Facebook; the primary purpose is to reveal information about yourself that no one else knows. There are a lot of fun comments, of course, and as I have read through the postings, it’s clear that people have much to be thankful for – everything from little, everyday details to life changing events. I also see where people are struggling – sometimes over the obvious, a lot of times over the “I would never have known by looking / talking with you” internal conflict they keep to themselves. We all have baggage; for some, it just happens to be heavier for some than others.

What has stood out is the feedback – the positive, uplifting commentary from friends, family, and other connections – that says otherwise. I have seen this before – often after someone has died. There are so many good things said about the person, many positive memories shared. Over the past few years, too many young people in my community have committed suicide, for one reason or another, and the outpouring of love for the person lost is immense. I have often wondered if the person had been aware of these feelings – this admiration for who they are, what they stand for, what they give to the world – what might have happened instead?

We keep too much to ourselves when it comes to praising others. As we move through the holiday season, what would it take to share something good with another person? You may have no idea how someone is struggling and what a difference a kind word might make.

You might be surprised at how it helps you too!

Remember …

Our facial expressions can give away so much – of our feelings, our thoughts, our emotions. Do you know what your expression is saying to others? Is it sending the message you want? A simple smile can say so much; it doesn’t cost anything and we all have them, so give them away, as often as you can!

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