May I Have Your Contact Information — Please?

Do you make it easy for people to reach you? Contact Information

I am usually pretty good at searching out information on the internet, but a couple of weeks ago, after a 20 minute on-line search, I had to throw in the towel. When I entered this person’s name into the search engines, multiple pages came up  but none of them included the darn email address! There was even a website with links to email, but I was not able to pull up the address directly. Grrr…

Make it easy for people to reach you; include your contact information on your business card (think of it as your contact card). A phone number and email address are a must, and a street address is much more valuable than your social media links. If your mailing address is different than your physical address, include that as well (and be sure to note it on your website). I like to send handwritten notes and it’s frustrating (and disappointing) to send something off in the mail, only to have it turn back up again a week later, stamped non-deliverable.

Email links are convenient but what if I don’t want to connect with you right at that moment? What if I want to share your information with someone else? Don’t make people hunt you down – most people will give up, unimpressed with the impression you’ve made. Make it simple for me to reach you. 

Remember …

If I couldn’t find the contact information I needed after a 20 minute search, what opportunities was this person missing out on? Most people want things to be as simple and convenient for them as possible. I’ve talked to some who won’t even scroll down in an email to get a phone number from a signature line, so you know that unless the information literally jumps off a page at them, they’ll move on to someone else to get what they need.

What you don’t know about can hurt you.



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