Great Customer Service Email

I was sorting through my computer files over the Great Customer Service Email
weekend and ran across an email I had saved because
it was such a good example of a great customer service email. It was short, clear, direct,  and most of all, helpful.

I had ordered something from a company on-line – a company I was not familiar with, had never heard of before and knew nothing about, other than what I read in their reviews. They had what I was looking for at a reasonable price, the order process was simple and all information was clear and easy to understand.

What made this experience stand out so much was the follow-up email I received from the company. It began with “Hello Jodi” (not “Dear Customer” or absent of a greeting completely) and went on to tell me that my order had been shipped with an expected arrival date of two to three days. Also included was an order tracking number, a link to the UPS tracking site, information about when and to whom my credit card would be charged, links to their website and customer service, along with phone numbers for the same, and a sincere request that they be contacted if I were to have any questions or concerns.

I know, it sounds like a standard, automatically generated follow-up, but it didn’t look like it, nor did it feel like it. First, they provided me with all information I could need, right there on one page; there would be no need to search several different places should I need to contact the company or if I wanted to know where my order was. Secondly, it was personable and friendly, which made it unusual.

The final thing that stood out to me was in the signature line … “Think Ahead Marketing”. Not only was it a great name, but more importantly, they lived up to it. They had thought ahead to anything I might need at that point in the transaction and then gone ahead and provided it. I like pre-emptive thinking. 

Remember …

Providing great customer service is not difficult but it does take effort, awareness and thought. It did not cost this company any more money to send out this email than to send the standard “Thank you for your purchase. Your order has been shipped” message. The difference, however, is tremendous.

As for my item, it arrived within the time indicated and it was exactly right. Perfect.




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