Etiquette For Telephone Messages

Landlines – cell phones – smart phones – iPhones.

They all help us communicate with others; we can make a direct Telephone messagesconnection and have a conversation, or we can leave information in a message to be heard later.

What do you do after you listen to your phone messages?

  • Do you make note of the name and phone number so you can respond accordingly?
  • Do you hit ignore, planning to come back to it later?
  • Do you listen and then save them so you can respond later?
  • Do you delete them once you have the information needed?

If you are a saver, do you ever go through and clear things out or do you let them expire on their own time? Are you someone who keeps all messages – just so you have them?

Now, in turn, have you ever called someone and heard “I’m sorry, the voice mailbox is full” when you went to leave your message? What’s your reaction — your thoughts?

A full voice mailbox is not a good indicator of your popularity. Instead, it calls into question your attention to detail: are you unorganized and not able to keep up on your messages? Do you not return phone calls?

Is it a true reflection of the level of professionalism you have to offer?

Remember …

When someone makes the effort to call you, it’s usually because they want to speak with you; if that isn’t possible, they may want to leave a message. If you have a full mailbox, there is a very good possibility that person will move on to one of your competitors – or at least to someone where they can leave word.

The funny thing is, the person with the full mailbox is often the one who will complain “You didn’t leave me a message!”


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