Customer Service Goes Both Ways

customer service goes both waysCustomer service involves a two-way relationship between the person extending the service and the person receiving it. Treating each other with courtesy and respect is what makes a relationship work.

While I was meeting with a client in a coffee shop one morning, a young woman sat down next to us and promptly spilled her large cup of coffee on the floor. Actually, it didn’t just spill — it flew out of her cup, splattering her table, part of our table, and all of the surrounding floor. Fortunately, it somehow avoided our clothing.

As we were wiping up, she told me that’s what she got for trying to close her umbrella while holding (two) large bags and her cup. (Sympathetically) I said “Perhaps they will replace your coffee?”, to which she responded “Oh, I’m going to make them give me a new one!”

Huh?  Not only had this woman created a mess she expected an employee to clean up, but she felt they should compensate her for it as well? What about taking responsibility for her own actions? My comment about a possible replacement stemmed from witnessing (and being on the receiving end myself) of such generous acts when there has been some sort of accident. But to “make” it happen?

As individuals, we are all stewards of customer service every day, whether we are in front of the counter or behind it. Make the experience good for everyone.


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