Customer Service Follow-Up

Customer Service Follow-UpToday I received a customer service follow–up call regarding a recent repair made to one of our vehicles. The young woman wanted to know if “everything was taken care of?” Well, yes. The work was finished and the problem resolved. But if she had asked if everything had gone smoothly and were we happy with the service we had received, I would have had a different answer.

The experience had not gone well, nearly from the beginning. We were told the problem was fixed but upon arriving to pick up the car, discovered it was still an issue. The service manager was less than courteous, and I suspect he outright fibbed with several of his comments. What should have been a five minute delay turned into a 90 minute wait, and a return visit was still required. Did I mention this facility was located 30 to 45 minutes away, depending on traffic? When subsequent phone calls were ignored (to see if the ordered part had arrived), I made a call to the department director, and eventually, what was needed was taken care of and the situation was resolved.

And thus their mistake in lack of follow-up. Where was the phone call from the department director, let alone the service manager, asking if everything had been resolved to our satisfaction? What about asking follow-up questions with the routine call, as I mentioned in the first paragraph … or would they prefer not to hear the answers?

Remaining silent doesn’t make the matter go away. Sometimes it only emphasizes the problem.


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