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Social Media Conversations

It seems no matter where you look on social media, you can find people having a conversation. Whether between real-time friends, on-line friends, strangers, acquaintances, or all of the above, there are discussions about technical matters, social concerns, political issues, health, religion, family, school or work, the past, present or future … and all provide […]

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9 Points of Elevator Etiquette

When it comes to riding an elevator, do you have a pet peeve? I think the most common one used to be someone pushing extra buttons, either by mistake or mischief. Now, there are a number of possibilities, everything from people talking on cell phones to my personal favorite, not letting riders disembark before moving […]

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How to Say No, Gracefully

Please repeat after me: No. NO!  It’s ok to say it, really. We were all really good at saying it when we were two and three years old. However, as adults we seem to have become afraid of the word. Is it because we don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings? Because we are […]

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