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Sharing News Social MediaWhen you have exciting news, you look forward to sharing it with friends and family; it’s fun to see their reactions and hear their words of happiness first hand.

So when someone beats you to the punch, it’s natural to be disappointed and frustrated. Yes, the reason to celebrate still exists, but a good part of the excitement is telling people about it in the time and manner of your choosing.

Frequently we will see wedding guests post photos on social media sites before the couple has an opportunity to do so themselves. Many photos show up before the ceremony is over, and I know of one event where a picture of the bride walking down the aisle was posted to Facebook by a member of the wedding party before she reached the altar! This, after they had specifically asked that no photos be taken or posted by anyone other than the photographer.

When did it become acceptable to scoop the bridal couple and see who could publish their photos first? Why do we think that because we know something about another person – a new job, loss of a job, an illness, a new baby, a separation, and yes, even a death – it is our news to share? Years ago, someone who over-stepped was told to “mind your own business!”  Now, when it comes to social media, it appears that one person’s news is everyone’s business.

Social media is a great tool for sharing information; you are able to reach a large number of people immediately and share information at the push of a button. Just make sure it is your news to broadcast.


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